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International Journal of Current Engineering and Technology/Vol.5, No.1 (Feb-2015)/

  • Optimizing the Duct Shape and Location for Improving Performance of Darrieus Wind Turbine
    Pages : 1-8
    Taher G. Abu-El-Yazied, Ahmad M. Ali, Ahmad. M. Makady, and Islam M. Hassan
    Abstract  | PDF
  • The Proliferation of a New Market Disruptive Innovation: Personal 3D Printers
    Pages : 9-11
    Rajeshwar Vayyavur
    Abstract  | PDF
  • Identification of Potential Zones for Groundwater Recharge in Kosigi Mandal, Kurnool District, using Remote Sensing and GIS
    Pages : 12-19
    Rambabu Palaka and G. Jai Sankar
    Abstract  | PDF
  • Effect of Sawdust Wood on some Mechanical properties of Recycled Polyethylene Terephthalate (RPET)
    Pages : 20-26
    I.A.AL-Ajaj and M.F.AL-Obaidi
    Abstract  | PDF
  • A Technical Review on Face Recognition based on BP Neural Network
    Pages : 27-31
    Vinodpuri Rampuri Gosavi and A. K. Deshmane
    Abstract  | PDF
  • Modeling and Analysis of the Control System Drive in an Artificial Limb
    Pages : 32-37
    Ashmi M, S. Jayaraj and K.S. Sivanandan
    Abstract  | PDF
  • Analyze the Effect of Power Turbine in Transmission System for Wind Energy
    Pages : 38-42
    Uossif Mohamed Matoug Saad and A.K.Bhardwaj
    Abstract  | PDF
  • A Review paper on An Efficient Edge Detection and Template Matching based Vehicle Number Plate Recognition
    Pages : 43-45
    Sushama H. Bailmare and A B. Gadicha
    Abstract  | PDF
  • Effect of Injection Timing on Exhaust Emissions and Combustion Characteristics of Direct Injection Diesel Engine with Ceramic Coated Cylinder Head
    Pages : 46-52
    N. Janardhan, M.V.S. Murali Krishna, Ch. Kesava Reddy and N .Durga Prasad
    Abstract  | PDF
  • Influence of Injector Opening Pressure on Performance Parameters of Di Diesel Engine with Three Levels of Insulation with Diesel Operation
    Pages : 53-60
    N. Janardhan, M.V.S. Murali Krishna, Ch. Kesava Reddy and D.Durga Prasad
    Abstract  | PDF
  • Quality Circle Implementation in Industry in India-A Case Study
    Pages : 61-71
    Narender Kumar and Vijay Mittal
    Abstract  | PDF
  • Fuelwood Consumption by Villagers in Different Altitudinal Gradient: A Case of Takoligad Watershed of Garhwal Himalaya, India
    Pages : 72-80
    Rekha Dhanai, R.S.Negi, Santosh Singh, and M.K. Parmar
    Abstract  | PDF
  • Load Balancing Dynamically in Distributed and Parallel Computing System with Process Execution Time
    Pages : 81-84
    Nitin R. Chopde
    Abstract  | PDF
  • Performance of an HSDBC Optimised Hybrid Fuzzy Logic Controller for a Path Tracking Unicycle Robot
    Pages : 85-89
    Abdullah Almeshal, Tarek Altowaim, Feda Alshahwan, Rashid Alzuabi, Anfal Alansari, Asmaa Alkandri and Athari Alotaibi
    Abstract  | PDF
  • Studies on Exhaust Emissions of Direct Injection Diesel Engine with Different Low Heat Rejection Combustion Chambers Fuelled with Tobacco Seed Oil Biodiesel
    Pages : 90-96
    N. Venkateswara Rao
    Abstract  | PDF
  • Investigating the Impact of Black Hole Attack on AODV with Statistical Tool-ANOVA
    Pages : 97-103
    B.A.S Roopa Devi, J.V.R Murthy, G.Narasimha and S.Pallam Setty
    Abstract  | PDF
  • Numerical Study of a Self Priming Regenerative Pump for Improved Performance using Geometric Modifications
    Pages : 104-109
    K. Vasudeva Karanth, Manjunath M. S., Shiva Kumar and N. Yagnesh Sharma
    Abstract  | PDF
  • Performance Analysis of Voltage Sag Compensation to less Fault Current Interruption by DVR
    Pages : 110-115
    Ali Jumah Ahmed and A.K.Bhardwaj
    Abstract  | PDF
  • Implementing Outlier Detection using Greedy Based Information Theoretic Algorithms and its Comparison with PSO and ACO Optimization Techniques
    Pages : 116-120
    Amandeep Kaur and Kamaljit Kaur
    Abstract  | PDF
  • Impact Testing of New Athletic Prosthetic Foot
    Pages : 121-127
    Muhsin J. Jweeg, Shaker S. Hassan and Ammar S. Hamid
    Abstract  | PDF
  • Overview of Gathering Information from Unfathomable Web Pages using Language Independent and Dependent Procedures
    Pages : 128-133
    V.Annapoorna and M.V.Kishore
    Abstract  | PDF
  • Determination of Condensation Heat Transfer Coefficient inside a Horizontal Pipe at High Pressure using Experimental Analysis
    Pages : 134-143
    Bhramara Panitapu
    Abstract  | PDF
  • Kinetic Study and Thermodynamics of a Medicinal Plant: The Eucalyptus Camaldulensis
    Pages : 144-149
    Sgaeir Khamsa, Bougares Soumaya and Bagane Mohamed
    Abstract  | PDF
  • Variation of Temperature Coefficient of Different Technology Photovoltaic Modules with respect to Irradiance
    Pages : 150-155
    P K Dash and N C Gupta
    Abstract  | PDF
  • Research on Conversion of DICOM Multi-Frame Medical Image in to Multimedia Format using MATLAB
    Pages : 156-160
    Prachi Patil, S.V.Patil and D.D.Chaudhari
    Abstract  | PDF
  • Effect of Varying Gate Size on the Air Traps in Injection Molding
    Pages : 161-166
    Arjun Kapila, Kanwarjeet Singh, Gaurav Arora and Narayan Agarwal
    Abstract  | PDF
  • Pushover Analysis of R.C Frames Considering Soil Structure Interaction
    Pages : 167-171
    Halkude S.A, Kalyanshetti M.G and Kadlag V. A
    Abstract  | PDF
  • Sensorless Field Oriented Control of Permanent Magnet Synchronous Motor
    Pages : 172-178
    Gomaa F. Abdelnaby, Tarek A. Dakrory, Shawky H. Arafa and Salah G. Ramdan
    Abstract  | PDF
  • Speed Read: An Android Application
    Pages : 179-183
    Amit Narote, Alan Jeyaseelan, Angela Kotian and Dania Zacharias
    Abstract  | PDF
  • Experimental Study on Tool Parameters of Al2O3 in High Speed Machining
    Pages : 184-188
    Prabhakar Mutukundu and Yathish Narayana Rao K.V
    Abstract  | PDF
  • Multifarious Approach to Improve Productivity of Drain Valve Assembly Line
    Pages : 189-194
    Rahul Desai and Prashant Bagal
    Abstract  | PDF
  • Survey on Mosaic Images Creation
    Pages : 195-198
    Nayan A. Ardak and Nitin A. Shelke
    Abstract  | PDF
  • Tokenism at Workplace: Numbers and beyond
    Pages : 199-205
    Shivani Datta and Gopa Bhardwaj
    Abstract  | PDF
  • Developing and analyzing the Mechanical Properties of industrial Aluminum-Bronze AB-1-RHA metal matrix composite
    Pages : 206-210
    Tarun Gupta, Shanti Prakash and Viney Sharma
    Abstract  | PDF
  • Technical and Economic Comparison between two Marble Industry Wastewater Treatment Systems
    Pages : 211-217
    Khalid Hassan Khalil
    Abstract  | PDF
  • Semantic Host Based Intrusion Detection
    Pages : 218-220
    Dipali Suhalal Patil and Atul Dusane
    Abstract  | PDF
  • Determine the optical turbulence parameter (Cn2) in Babylon City-Iraq
    Pages : 221-226
    Jassim Mohammed Jassim, R. N. Ali and Hawraa Hassaball Khribet
    Abstract  | PDF
  • Surface Residual Stresses Induced by Shot Blast Peening after EDM of AISI D2 Die Steel using two types of Electrode
    Pages : 227-234
    Ahmed Naif Al-Khazraji, Samir Ali Amin and Saad Mahmood Ali
    Abstract  | PDF
  • A Review on Various Approaches for Detection of Cyber Crimes via Instant Messaging Filters
    Pages : 235-237
    Ankita M.Shendurkar and Nitin R.Chopde
    Abstract  | PDF
  • A Review on Enhancing Privacy Preservation of Web Service through Negotiation Mechanism
    Pages : 238-241
    Ankita A.Datir and Amit Sahu
    Abstract  | PDF
  • Survey on Detection of Non Aligned Double JPEG Compression and Localization of Image Forgeries
    Pages : 242-243
    Gayatri Dakhode and Abhay Pawar
    Abstract  | PDF
  • A Novel Framework for Multimodal Biometrics based on Dimensionality Reduction Technique for Reducing Overlapping Features
    Pages : 244-246
    Manas Kumar Choudhury and Y.Srinivas
    Abstract  | PDF
  • Drug Addiction Effect in Medical Diagnosis by using Fuzzy Soft Matrices
    Pages : 247-251
    N.Sarala and S.Rajkumari
    Abstract  | PDF
  • Comprehensive Study on Performance Analysis of Various Captcha Systems
    Pages : 252-256
    Pranal C. Tayade and Mahip M. Bartere
    Abstract  | PDF
  • Survey Paper on Privacy Preserving Auditing Protocol for Cloud Storage
    Pages : 257-260
    Nandini P.Wasnik and Mahip M.Bartere
    Abstract  | PDF
  • Improving the usage of Network Resources using MPLS Traffic Engineering (TE)
    Pages : 261-265
    Manoj Kumar and Shishir Sangal
    Abstract  | PDF
  • Comparative Analysis of Various Underwater Image De-Noising Methods
    Pages : 266-268
    Shiwam S. Thakare and Amit M. Sahu
    Abstract  | PDF
  • NDVI Sensibility to Rainfall Spatial Distribution in ADJOHOUN (Benin, West Africa)
    Pages : 269-273
    Sohou Enagnon Brice, Houndenou Constant and Boko Michel
    Abstract  | PDF
  • Use Different Frequencies of 500 MHz Antenna and Geographic Information System Technique to assessment Road Structure
    Pages : 274-276
    Haidar A. N. Al-dami
    Abstract  | PDF
  • The Performance of Hybrid Journal Bearing under Extreme Operating Conditions
    Pages : 277-282
    Lijesh K.P. and Hairsh Hirani
    Abstract  | PDF
  • Forecasting of Municipal Solid Waste Generation for Small-Scale Towns and Surrounding Villages Located in the State of Gujarat, India
    Pages : 283-287
    Arti Pamnani and Srinivasarao Meka
    Abstract  | PDF
  • Unintentional use of USB Channels and Protection
    Pages : 288-299
    Pravin Phule and Rekha Kulkarni
    Abstract  | PDF
  • Economical Model for Power Quality Monitoring and Compensation in Single Phase Distribution Network
    Pages : 300-304
    Abhay N. Mudiraj and V.P. Dhote
    Abstract  | PDF
  • Three Dimensional Model of a Fluid and Tracer Transport in Disinfection Contact Tank
    Pages : 305-309
    Shaikh Mohamed Ashfaq
    Abstract  | PDF
  • A Review on Key Aggregate Policies for Secure Data Sharing in Cloud Storage
    Pages : 310-312
    Sneha A.Jaswante and Nitin R.Chopde
    Abstract  | PDF
  • Experimental Investigation in Drilling of Carbon Fiber Reinforced Polymer Composite using HSS and Solid Carbide Drills
    Pages : 313-320
    Nagaraja, Mervin A Herbert, Divakara Shetty, Vijay G S, Raviraj Shetty and B Shivamurthy
    Abstract  | PDF
  • Ayurvedic synthesis of γ-Fe2O3 nanoparticles and its Characterization
    Pages : 321-324
    Tambur Pavani, K.Venkateswara Rao, Ch.Shilpa Chakra and Y.T.Prabhu
    Abstract  | PDF
  • Exploring the Impact of Gender, Proportional Numerical Strength at Workplace and Gender Typing of Jobs on the Perceived Diversity Climate
    Pages : 325-332
    Shivani Datta
    Abstract  | PDF
  • Green Computing: Need of the Hour
    Pages : 333-335
    Swasti Saxena
    Abstract  | PDF
  • Preparation of Starch-Chitosan Nanocomposites for Control Drug Release of Curcumin
    Pages : 336-343
    Debi Prasan Mohanty, S.K Biswal and P.L. Nayak
    Abstract  | PDF
  • Design and Analysis of Circular Fractal Array based Micro-strip Patch Antenna for Microwave Applications
    Pages : 344-347
    Babita Harchandra and Randhir Singh
    Abstract  | PDF
  • Thunderstorms and lightning Detection System using Hybrid Approach
    Pages : 348-351
    Rasika V. Kalbende and Nitin A. Shelke
    Abstract  | PDF
  • Review on Fake Iris Detection Method using Image Quality Assessment
    Pages : 352-354
    Jayshri V. Gaud and Sneha U. Bohra
    Abstract  | PDF
  • Development of a Low Cost Wireless Temperature Monitoring System for Industrial & Research Application
    Pages : 355-361
    Rashmi Singh and S.P Singh
    Abstract  | PDF
  • Neural Network Techniques for Post-Earthquake Assessment of Buildings
    Pages : 362-367
    Authors names
    Abstract  | PDF
  • Phenomenon of Motion of Salt along the Walls of the Container
    Pages : 368-370, DOI:
    Sameen Ahmed Khan and Farooq Ahmed Khan
    Abstract  | PDF
  • Enhancement of Fatigue Strength of 316L Austenitic Stainless Steel using Sand Blasting
    Pages : 371-374
    Murtadha A. Jabbar and Zainab A. Ibrahim
    Abstract  | PDF
  • Simulation Study of UPQC and Active Power Filters for a Non-Linear Load
    Pages : 375-384
    Goutam Kumar Malla and A. Ramulu
    Abstract  | PDF
  • A Contrast: VSM, JIT, and MRP-II
    Pages : 385-388
    Nitin Pandhi, Kulvinder Singh and Sandeep Singh
    Abstract  | PDF
  • Evaluation of Drinking Water Quality in Rural Areas of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Pakistan: A Case Study of Upper Dir and Barawal Districts
    Pages : 389-396
    Anwar Ul Haq, Hamid Afridi, Fazal Amin, Riffat Aziz, Abdul Sadiq and Aslam Khan
    Abstract  | PDF
  • Securing Computer Folders using Bluetooth and Rijndael Encryption
    Pages : 397-400
    Nikita Saple, Dhanraj Poojari, Ankita Kesarkar and Alka Srivastava
    Abstract  | PDF
  • Cognitive Web
    Pages : 401-404
    Amit Narote, Darshan Sapaliga, Aditya Patil and Shrutik Katchhi
    Abstract  | PDF
  • Intelligent Building Automation using DALI-WSN Integration
    Pages : 405-408
    Arpita A. Shete and J.G Rana
    Abstract  | PDF
  • Supercharging web applications with Dart and MongoDB
    Pages : 409-412
    Shrikar Chonkar, Siddaharth Suman, Shreyas Sawant and Shikha Moondra
    Abstract  | PDF
  • Transient Thermo Elastic Analysis of Disk Brake
    Pages : 413-418
    Chiranjit Sarkar and Harish Hirani
    Abstract  | PDF
  • Magnetorheological Smart Automotive Engine Mount
    Pages : 419-428
    Chiranjit Sarkar,Harish Hirani and Abhijit Sasane
    Abstract  | PDF
  • Study on the Performance and Exhaust Emission of a Diesel Engine Fueled with Waste Cooking Oil and Its Blends
    Pages : 429-433
    Mohanad Hamazah, Saad Rezak Mageed and Ghalib Azeez Husain
    Abstract  | PDF
  • An Energy Threshold based WSN Clustering Schema using PAM Algorithm
    Pages : 434-438
    Santokh Singh and Gagandeep Singh
    Abstract  | PDF
  • Failure Analysis of Rolling Contact Bearing forFlywheel Energy Storage Systems
    Pages : 439-443
    Lijesh K.P., S.M. Muzakkir and Harish Hirani
    Abstract  | PDF
  • Design and Analysis of Gas Turbine Combustion Chamber for Producer Gas as Working Fuel
    Pages : 444-447
    Srinivasa Sharma Gangaraju, M.V.S. Murali Krishna and D.N.Reddy
    Abstract  | PDF
  • Image Encryption & Decryption with Symmetric Key Cryptography using MATLAB
    Pages : 448-451
    Jai Singh, Kanak Lata and Javed Ashraf
    Abstract  | PDF
  • Carapace for Intranet Security of Cryptography
    Pages : 452-457
    Premchand Ambhore, B B Meshramr and Archana Wankhade
    Abstract  | PDF
  • Influence Calcium Carbonate Nano-particles CaCO3 on Crack Growth Fatigue for NR Compound
    Pages : 458-461
    Zaid Ghalib Abdulkadhim
    Abstract  | PDF
  • Static & Free Vibration Analysis of an Isotropic and Orthotropic Thin Plate using Finite Element Analysis (FEA)
    Pages : 462-468
    Ehab N. Abbas, Mohammad Qasim Abdullah and Hatem R. Wasmi
    Abstract  | PDF
  • Business Support System using Hybrid Classification Algorithm
    Pages : 469-471
    Kritika Walinjkar, Fiyansh Shah and Sonal Maskeen
    Abstract  | PDF
  • Smart Home Automation using ARM11
    Pages : 472-476
    Amit Narote, Abhishek Dsilva, Selma Misquitta and Palak Khandelwal
    Abstract  | PDF
  • Effect of CNT-Emulsified Fuel on Performance Emission and Combustion Characteristics of Four Stroke Diesel Engine
    Pages : 477-485
    Narinder Singh and R S Bharj
    Abstract  | PDF
  • Experimental Investigations on Effectiveness of Axial and Circumferential Grooves in Minimizing Wear of Journal Bearing Operating in Mixed Lubrication Regime
    Pages : 486-489
    S. M. Muzakkir, Harish Hirani and G. D. Thakre
    Abstract  | PDF
  • Image Denoising using Curevelet Transform
    Pages : 490-493
    Amandeep Kaur Banis and Prabhneet Sandu
    Abstract  | PDF
  • A Framework for Cyberbullying Detection in Social Network
    Pages : 494-498
    Krishna B. Kansara and Narendra M. Shekokar
    Abstract  | PDF
  • Liquid Density Measurement using Tuning Fork
    Pages : 499-502
    Saqlain Raza and R.P.Chaudhari
    Abstract  | PDF
  • Comparison of Local Area Network Technologies: Ethernet (IEEE 802.3), ATM and WLAN/WiFi (IEEE 802.11g)
    Pages : 503-506
    Aakash Jasper
    Abstract  | PDF
  • Reflectance Value and Yellowing Propensity on Thermal and Storage Condition of Cotton Fabric Treated with Different Softeners
    Pages : 507-511
    Nawshin Farzana and Shamima Akter Smriti
    Abstract  | PDF
  • Segregation Tanks Suitability of Waste Water Equalization Systems for Multi Product Batch Plant
    Pages : 512-518
    Anand P. Dhanwani, Srinivasarao Meka and Vaidehi Bhatt
    Abstract  | PDF
  • Investigation into Effectiveness of By-pass Cement Dust as Soil Stabilizer in Road Construction
    Pages : 519-523
    Farag Khodary and Adel M. El-Kelesh
    Abstract  | PDF
  • Optimizing Wavelet based Medical Image De-Noising
    Pages : 524-526
    Jagdeep Kaur and Ruchika Manchanda
    Abstract  | PDF
  • Effect of the Passage for Different Tractors on the Soil Compaction
    Pages : 527-533
    Anis Elaoud, Sayed Chehaibi and Khaoula Abrougui
    Abstract  | PDF
  • Simulation of Soil Behavior Following the Passage of Tractors
    Pages : 534-538
    Anis Elaoud, Sayed Chehaibi and Khaoula Abrougui
    Abstract  | PDF
  • Wave Convection Regimes in an Inclined Layer of Nano Fluid
    Pages : 539-543
    Abbas Alwi Sakhir Abed and Ahmed Abdel Kadhim Majhool
    Abstract  | PDF
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