Vol.5,No.3 (Sept-2015)

  • Simulation and CFD Analysis of Heat Pipe with Different Wick Geometry using CFX
    Pages : 210-213
    Ch.Naveenkumar, P.Vijay Kumar and K. Dilip Kumar
    Abstract  | PDF
  • Thermodynamic Modeling and Performance Analysis of an Atkinson cycle under Efficient Power Density Condition
    Pages : 214-221
    Roshan Raman and Govind Maheshwari
    Abstract  | PDF
  • Emission Characteristics of Compression Ignition Engine by using Palm Bio-Diesel
    Pages : 222-225
    P.Arumugam, K.Patterson, R.Saravanan and G. Harish
    Abstract  | PDF
  • Experimental Study of an Integrated Single Basin Solar Still with Bees Wax as a Passive Storage Material
    Pages : 226-231
    H.S.Deshmukh and S.B.Thombre
    Abstract  | PDF
  • Energy Performance Optimization of Server Room HVAC System
    Pages : 232-237
    Manoj Jadhav and Pramod Chaudhari
    Abstract  | PDF
  • Performance Study of Heat Pump System with Refrigerant Injection
    Pages : 238-243
    Abdul Hadi N. Khalifa, Johain J. Faraj and Hayder K. Hasan
    Abstract  | PDF
  • Effect of Operating Parameters on the Performance of Direct Evaporative Cooler
    Pages : 244-248
    Abdul Kareem R. Abed
    Abstract  | PDF