• CFD Simulation of a Conjugate heat transfer problem in a rectangular cavity
    Pages : 148-152
    Patro. P, Patro. B, Barik. A. K
    Abstract  | PDF
  • Experimental studies on a SI engine using Plastic Petrol derived from Waste Plastic
    Pages : 153-159
    Sudhir Kumar.J., Ravi.K, Satyanarayana.D, Venkata Subbaiah.K , V.V.Prasada Rao.P
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  • Wavelet & Correlation Analysis of Air Pollution Parameters Using Haar Wavelet (Level 3)
    Pages : 160-164
    Bhardwaj R.
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  • Performance Analysis of Di-Diesel Engine at Different Injection Pressures using Jatropha Methyl Ester
    Pages : 165-170
    V. Rambabu, V.J.J.Prasad, P. Ramesh Babu
    Abstract  | PDF
  • Impact of Biofuel in Petrol Engine-A Review
    Pages : 171-175
    Farha Tabassum Ansari and Alok Choube
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  • Performance Study of Reciprocating Compressor with Eco-Friendly Refrigerant- A Review
    Pages : 176-184
    Kavita Paroche and R.C.Gupta
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