Article Published In Vol.2,No.2(June-2012)

  • CFD Simulation of a Conjugate heat transfer problem in a rectangular cavity
  • Author  :  Patro. P, Patro. B, Barik. A. K
  • Pages   :  148-152
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A computational investigation for the conjugate heat transfer of pin fins inside a rectangular cavity has been performed in the present paper. The CFD analysis for the thermo-hydraulic characteristics of triangular and circular pin fins have been done. It was observed that a higher inlet velocity leads to larger convective heat transfer from the fins to the bulk fluid resulting in a larger increase in fluid temperature for both types of fins. At the same time pressure drop also increases. For the Reynolds number ranging from 200 to 1100, the global Nusselt number varies from 4.2 to 14.5 for circular pin fin heat exchanger whereas this variation is 3.0 to 7.5 for triangular pin fin heat exchanger. In contrast the pressure drop for circular fins is less than the triangular fins at each Reynolds number.

Keywords: Conjugate heat transfer, Pin-fins, CFD, Nusselt Number, Pressure drop


Article published in International Journal of Thermal Technologies, Vol.2, No.2 (June 2012)