Vol.7,No.4 (Dec-2017)

  • Experimental Analysis of Hybrid Earth Air Tunnel Heat Exchanger in Series Connection Coupled with Water Cooled Heat Exchanger Installed at Bikaner
    Pages : 200-203
    O.P. Jakhar, Chandra Shekhar Sharma and Rajendra Kukana
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  • Performance and Analysis of Two Stroke Dual and Triple Spark plug Single Cylinder SI Engine with Gasoline fuel
    Pages : 204-206
    Abhisheak Gangwar, Ankur Singh and Adarsh Pratap
    Abstract  | PDF
  • CFD Analysis of Waste Heat Boiler Duct for Maximum and Even Flow Distribution of Hot Gases
    Pages : 207-210
    O.P. Jakhar and Madan Singh Kavia
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