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International Journal of Thermal Technologies/Vol.3, No.4(Dec-2013)/

  • An Energy Analysis of Condenser
    Pages : 120-125
    Vikram Haldkar, Abhay Kumar Sharma, R.K.Ranjan and V.K.Bajpai
    Abstract  | PDF
  • Numerical Analysis of a Helical Coiled Heat Exchanger using CFD
    Pages : 126-130
    Shiva Kumar, K.Vasudev Karanth
    Abstract  | PDF
  • Electrochemical Studies of Photogalvanic Cell Consisting of Dye-Reductant in Micelles Media for Solar Energy Conversion and Storage
    Pages : 131-134
    A.S. Meena
    Abstract  | PDF
  • Hexavalent Chromium Treatment by High Adsorption Magnetite (Fe3O4) Nanoparticle
    Pages : 135-138
    Adeleh Aftabtalab, Hamed Sadabadi, CH. Shilpa Chakra and K.Venkateswara Rao
    Abstract  | PDF
  • Fuel Cell Technology for Vehicles
    Pages : 136-141
    Sanjay L.Bhagat, Satish.V.Khedkar and P.V.Thorat
    Abstract  | PDF
  • Thermal Reduction in Lithium-ion Power Source Using Multilayer Heat Sink Channels with Different Fluids as Coolant
    Pages : 142-145
    Narinder Dev Singh , Nishant , Saleem Khan and Sandeep Arya
    Abstract  | PDF
  • Lattice Boltzmann Analysis of 2-D Natural Convection Flow and Heat Transfer within Square Enclosure including an Isothermal Hot Block
    Pages : 146-154
    Taoufik NaffoutiȦ, , Jamil Zinoubi and Rejeb Ben Maad
    Abstract  | PDF
  • Parametric Analysis of Surface Condenser for Thermal Power Plant
    Pages : 155-159
    Vikram Haldkar, Abhay Kumar Sharma, R.K.Ranjan and V.K.Bajpai
    Abstract  | PDF
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