Article Published In Vol.5,No.3 (Sept-2015)

  • Experimental Study of an Integrated Single Basin Solar Still with Bees Wax as a Passive Storage Material
  • Author  :  H.S.Deshmukh and S.B.Thombre
  • Pages   :  226-231
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  • Abstract

In this work comparison is made between the conventional solar still without storage and still integrated with passive storage material. Experiments were conducted at Chandrapur (190 56’ N , 790 18’ E) of a City in Maharashtra State , India . Basin area of the still was 0.5 m² and bees wax was used as a storage material beneath the basin liner. Effect of varying depth of storage and water in basin is experimentally investigated. With increase in depth of storage and depth of water increases the overnight productivity substantially but daylight productivity is found to be less than conventional stll. Overall , Solar still with least depth of storage and water is found to give highest daily productivity in summer. PCMS are not found suitable in winter.

Keywords: Single Basin Solar Still, Bees Wax, Passive Storage, Productivity, optimum storage

Article published in International Journal of Thermal Technologies, Vol.5,No.3 (Sept-2015)