Article Published In Vol.5,No.3 (Sept-2015)

  • Simulation and CFD Analysis of Heat Pipe with Different Wick Geometry using CFX
  • Author  :  Ch.Naveenkumar, P.Vijay Kumar and K. Dilip Kumar
  • Pages   :  210-213
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  • Abstract

Miniature cylindrical metal powder sintered wick heat pipe (sintered heat pipe) is an ideal component with super-high thermal efficiency for high heat flux electronics cooling. In this paper circular Heat pipe with various Wick geometry 0.5mm,0.75mm,1mm and also Sintered, V-Groove, Screen Groove wick shapes is considered, Silica is used as a Heat pipe material and nickel alloy nisil (nickel + silicon)is used as a wick material and water, Methanol, Aqueous Methanol is used as the working fluids. The necessary numerical computations are accomplished by CFX (the CFD solver program) and the results are given in graphical representation. The objective is to study the variation of temperature gradient and heat transfer coefficient with different wick’s, wick shapes and different working fluids.

Keywords: Heat pipe, CFD analysis of Heat pipe, Simulation of a Heat pipe

Article published in International Journal of Thermal Technologies, Vol.5,No.3 (Sept-2015)