Article Published In Vol.5,No.3 (Sept-2015)

  • Energy Performance Optimization of Server Room HVAC System
  • Author  :  Manoj Jadhav and Pramod Chaudhari
  • Pages   :  232-237
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  • Abstract

Server room containing computing equipment’s such as server, network, and storage devices that compute, transport, and store information. The maximum energy consumption of server room is used for cooling purpose. Out of total energy consumption approximately 38% of the energy consumption is used for cooling. This paper aims that energy used for cooling system optimized by various methods. In this server room the method of raised floor & cold aisle, hot aisle arrangement of cooling is used. In this method cold air flows from bottom discharge of PAC machine which flows below false floor & comes to server racks. Thus the cold air is in contact with hot server rack and absorbs heat of rack. This paper seeks to present all necessary data required for efficient server room and provide better platform for improvement in air flow management. Thermal performance of server room directly related to airflow management. To achieve performances this paper discusses all necessary technique in details.

Keywords: Server Room, Cold Aisle Containments, Hot Aisle, Air Flow, Cooling, Energy Consumption.

Article published in International Journal of Thermal Technologies, Vol.5,No.3 (Sept-2015)