Article Published In Vol.5,No.3 (Sept-2015)

  • Effect of Operating Parameters on the Performance of Direct Evaporative Cooler
  • Author  :  Abdul Kareem R. Abed
  • Pages   :  244-248
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  • Abstract

Evaporative air cooler is an effective device in cooling private houses in Iraq, and used commonly in this country for many reasons, the mean one is due to the lack in power supply. An evaporative cooler of 5000 cfm capacity (8500 m3/hr.) was studied under extremely hot Iraqi weather. The outdoor temperature was varied from 30 to 60oC, while the outdoor relative humid was varied from 10 to 60%. The results showed that Relative humidity affect both effectiveness and exergy efficiency more than another key variables, the exergy of water circulated in evaporator cooler was spend in destruction the exergy of hot air. The more destruction in exergy through evaporative cooler gives the higher exergy efficiency. The exergy efficiency of the cooler was deteriorated significantly in hot and humid weather.

Keywords: Evaporative cooler, Effectiveness, exergy destruction, Second law efficiency

Article published in International Journal of Thermal Technologies, Vol.5,No.3 (Sept-2015)