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International Journal of Current Engineering and Technology/Vol.7, No.1 (Feb-2017)/

  • Study on the Effects of Blast Furnace Slag on Geotechnical Characteristics of Black Cotton Soil
    Pages : 1-3
    Noorina Tarannum Khan, Swapnil Walzade and R.K. Yadav
    Abstract  | PDF
  • Topology optimization and analysis for double acting compliant retractor mechanism
    Pages : 4-8
    Sonali S. Patil, Sham H. Mankar and Sandip A. Kale
    Abstract  | PDF
  • Metal Fabrication by Additive Manufacturing
    Pages : 9-14
    K. D. Sapate and Tejashree U. Apte
    Abstract  | PDF
  • Micro-channel fabrication using Cu-sheets as electrode in EDM process and optimization of process parameters using Taguchi Method
    Pages : 15-18
    Anil Kumar
    Abstract  | PDF
  • The Evaluation of Service Quality in the Growing Banking Sector in Kosovo
    Pages : 19-24
    Bujar Pira and Enliat Shala
    Abstract  | PDF
  • Synthesis of WATT and Stephenson Mechanisms six bar mechanism using Burmester Theory
    Pages : 25-29
    Bujar Pira and Ibrahim Cunaku
    Abstract  | PDF
  • Performance Analysis of 210 Mw at NTPC Vindhyachal, Singrauli
    Pages : 30-36
    Sadhana Singh, Savita Vyas and Snehesh Banerjee
    Abstract  | PDF
  • Analysis of Vibration Signals of Rolling Element Bearing with Localized Defects
    Pages : 37-42
    Arundhati Garad, K. B. Sutar, V. J. Shinde and A. C. Pawar
    Abstract  | PDF
  • Experimental Investigation of Two Stages Adsorption Chiller with Four Generators Utilizing Activated Carbon and Methanol as Working Pair
    Pages : 43-54
    Ayman Adnan AL-Maaitah and Faeza Mahdi Hadi
    Abstract  | PDF
  • To study the performance of the ozone contactor using numerical tool
    Pages : 55-61
    Shaikh Mohamed Ashfaq
    Abstract  | PDF
  • Adsorption of amoxicillin onto Activated Carbon from aqueous solution
    Pages : 62-67
    Noor Al-Huda J. Mahmood and Yossor R. Abdulmajeed
    Abstract  | PDF
  • Bernstein operational matrices for solving multiterm variable order fractional differential equations
    Pages : 68-73
    Alshaimaa A. Omar and Osama H. Mohammed
    Abstract  | PDF
  • Pre-Treatment of Water by using Broken Marble and Ceramic Wastes as Up-Flow Roughing Filter Media
    Pages : 74-81
    Jabbar H. Al-Baidhani and Zaid H. AL- Khafajy
    Abstract  | PDF
  • Recycling Waste Cans to Nano Gamma Alumina: Effect of the Calcination Temperature and pH
    Pages : 82-88
    Nada Sadoon Ahmedzeki, SattarJalil Hussein, Waqar Abdulwahid Abdulnabi
    Abstract  | PDF
  • Maximum Power Point Tracking Techniques for Pv System
    Pages : 89-91
    Dipali N More and A.V.Naik
    Abstract  | PDF
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