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International Journal of Current Engineering and Technology/Vol.7, No.5 (Sept/Oct 2017)/

  • Rationalization Energy Based on Automatic Street Lighting System
    Pages : 1700-1704
    Hasan Noaman Muslim and Ameer H. Ali
    Abstract  | PDF
  • Analysis and Simulation of Adaptive Power System with Fuzzy Control of Dynamic Loads
    Pages : 1705-1710
    Maneesh Singh, Sudhanshu Tripathi and Anupam Masih
    Abstract  | PDF
  • The question of waste management in the commune of Malanville in Bénin: What strategies to reduce risk diseases?
    Pages : 1711-1716
    Odoulami (L.), Dansou (B.S.) and Tidjani Salami (B.)
    Abstract  | PDF
  • Wireless Controlling and Monitoring the Consumption Energy Meter based on ZigBee Technology
    Pages : 1717-1720
    Noof T. Mahmood and Eyad I. Abbas
    Abstract  | PDF
  • Evaluation of Various PV Module Cable Connectors and Analysis of their Compatibility
    Pages : 1721-1727
    Satish Pandey
    Abstract  | PDF
  • Analysis of Auxiliary Energy consumption in Utility scale Solar PV Power plant
    Pages : 1728-1729
    Satish Pandey and Rajesh Kumar
    Abstract  | PDF
  • Die Design and Analysis of High Pressure Die Casting Die for Oil Pan
    Pages : 1730-1732
    Anuj Chaudhary and Pardeep Rana
    Abstract  | PDF
  • Joint Analysis of Aluminium Alloys AA2014 welded to AA5052 by Friction stir welding using Taguchi method
    Pages : 1733-1736
    Ashish Goyal, Mohit Saini, Manjeet Bohat and Sunil Dhingra
    Abstract  | PDF
  • Process parameters optimization of Friction stir welded AA5052-AA6082 using Taguchi method
    Pages : 1737-1740
    Mohit Saini, Ashish Goyal, Manjeet Bohat and Sunil Dhingra
    Abstract  | PDF
  • Performance Analysis of a Vibratory Bowl Feeder
    Pages : 1741-1744
    Tushar Deshmukh
    Abstract  | PDF
  • Study of Ground Water Quality of Bhubaneswar City, Odisha, India, using Water Quality Index
    Pages : 1745-1749
    G. Sunpriya Achary
    Abstract  | PDF
  • Dual Axis Solar Tracking System using 5-LDR sensor
    Pages : 1750-1753
    Ankit Makwana and Devang Lad
    Abstract  | PDF
  • Environmental Assessment of Safe Drinking Water Supply Systems in the Rural Communities within the Nile Delta Region
    Pages : 1754-1769
    Rasha El Gohary
    Abstract  | PDF
  • Evaluation of the Effects of Anti-Stripping Materials on the Performance of Cold Bitumen Emulsion Mixtures (CBEMs)
    Pages : 1770-1776
    Hasan H. Joni and Mahmood S. Hashim
    Abstract  | PDF
  • Determination of the acceptable range of mixing and compaction temperatures for modified asphalt mixture with styrene butadine styrene (SBS)
    Pages : 1777-1783
    Hasan H. Joni and Ethar K. Shaker
    Abstract  | PDF
  • Enhanced Properties of Crumb Rubber and Its Application in Rubberized Concrete
    Pages : 1784-1790
    Mohammed Safan, Fatma M. Eid and Mahmoud Awad
    Abstract  | PDF
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