Article Published In Vol.6,No.2 (June-2016)

  • Thermal Analysis of Forced Convective Heat Transfer on Tree like Branching Fins
  • Author  :  K Prudhvi Ravi Kumar, S B Prasad Vejendla, A Ravindra† and K. Vijay
  • Pages   :  100-102
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  • Abstract

In this paper we present the thermal analysis of forced convection on tree fins with Y-shaped branching. The temperature distribution of tree shaped fins is investigated by changing the bifurcation angle for different fin materials. The study results reveals that at 900 angle is effective than the 600 bifurcation angle. The work is carried out by the computational fluid dynamics by using Ansys workbench.

Keywords: Tree fins, forced convection, cfd, thermal analysis, Y- fins

Article published in International Journal of Thermal Technologies, Vol.6,No.2 (June-2016)