Article Published In Vol.7,No.4 (Dec-2017)

  • Performance and Analysis of Two Stroke Dual and Triple Spark plug Single Cylinder SI Engine with Gasoline fuel
  • Author  :  Abhisheak Gangwar, Ankur Singh and Adarsh Pratap
  • Pages   :  204-206
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  • Abstract

In two stroke spark ignition engines due to some losses there is high exhaust emissions and low brake thermal efficiency and some time it will be occur because of incomplete combustion, which has an effect on the engine as a high load in operating condition. By improving some parameters we can improve the engine’s efficiency i.e. specific fuel consumption rate and Thermal Efficiency of the engine. This performance is achieved by using dual spark plug in two stroke gasoline also its effect on the engine parameter is analyzed. For experiment a spark-ignition engine was used to study the effects of spark plug location on a four spark plug SI engine performance. Constructed simulation can be used for either single- or four-spark plug configuration. Here we consider arrangement that the plug is located center of the head. To make a comparison, property of single spark plug were also considered on different spark plug locations.

Keywords: 1-Twin spark plug and Tri spark plug, 2- S.I engine, 3- Combustion chamber

Article published in International Journal of Thermal Technologies, Vol.7, No.4 (Dec-2017)