Article Published In Vol.9,No.1 (March-2019)

  • Numerical analysis of fluid flow and heat transfer in single tube fin arrangement of an automotive radiator
  • Author  :  P. Murugesan, K. S. Ajith, U. Benazir, R. Gopika and S.Arun Aakash
  • Pages   :  5-8, DOI:
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  • Abstract

This paper deals with CFD analysis of the fluid flow and the heat transfer of the automobile radiator. Normally existing radiator has multi tube fin arrangement. In those tubes a spring is inserted to delay the flow of the fluid thus it transfers more amount of heat. In this arrangement the water from the engine flow through these tubes and get cooled. Here the heat transfer takes place only the peripheral surface which is contact with the fins only. To increase the heat transfer rate the multi tube of the radiator arrangement is replaced by a single plate tube with wire mesh arrangement. Wire mesh arrangement is used to delay the fluid flow thereby increasing the heat transfer rate. The heat transfer of the existing radiator is 20.57W and the proposed design has 77.13W where the heat transfer rate is increased by 3.74 times.

Keywords: Radiator, Multi tube, Single tube, Heat transfer, Convection