Article Published In Vol.8,No.3 (Sept-2018)

  • Decreasing CPU Time in Simulation of Thermal Recoveries in Hydrocarbon Reservoirs
  • Author  :  Mehdi Foroozanfar and Mohammad Reza Rasaie
  • Pages   :  200-206, DOI:
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  • Abstract

The work flow of reservoir studies is an integration of interdisciplinary works by the geophysicists, reservoir geologists, petro physicists and reservoir engineers. Reservoir simulation helps to determine initiation of operating controls at the proper time, and to consider all important economic factors. Future improvement in oil recovery with pressure maintenance by re-injection of produced gas or by water injection into an aquifer can also be evaluated. The original fine grids are generated by primary geological blocks which are output of geological software. The upscaling is necessary since geological software by means of statistical methods create models with millions and even billion of grid blocks and dynamic simulation on these models is practically not possible. In this paper we are going to introduce a fast simulation method in high heterogeneous multiphase reservoir which steam injection simulated as a thermal enhanced oil recovery. The principle of multi scale grid generation of this method is base on the trend of streamline which could be as a great map to find effective segments of a reservoir. The simulation results on the geological structure well compared with the results of upscaled models. The results confirm that this method consumes less run time with nearly accuracy of fine model.

Keywords: Steam Injection, Geological Model, Run Time, CPU Time, Elapsed Time