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Article Published In Vol.6,No.3 (Sept-2016)

  • Cooling Arrangement for Traffic Police Booth
  • Author  :  K. Augustine Babu and P. Sherjin
  • Pages   :  233-242
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  • Abstract

The inside temperature of a traffic police booth is found to be at a higher level during sunny days, which causes discomfort to the person standing within it. Reducing this high inside temperature of the booth is the ultimate aim of this work. Use of semi-conductor based thermoelectric modules can greatly influence in altering the temperature of the unit in relation with the ambient condition. In this design, water is stored in a reservoir placed beneath the booth and is circulated through the sides of the booth, from the bottom up to the roof by means of pipes. Thermocouples are fixed at different regions and the set up was tested at different conditions. The results showed a subsequent drop in temperature with this arrangement provided when compared with those obtained without the set up. Thus the design proves to be a promising door for controlling the temperatures inside the booth and may provide a gateway for any advancement in future.

Keywords: Cooling Arrangement, Traffic Police Booth, Thermoelectric Modules, Peltier Effect, Thermal Analysis.

Article published in International Journal of Current Engineering and Technology, Vol.6, No.3 (Sept-2016)