Article Published In Vol.7,No.4 (Dec-2017)

  • CFD Analysis of Waste Heat Boiler Duct for Maximum and Even Flow Distribution of Hot Gases
  • Author  :  O.P. Jakhar and Madan Singh Kavia
  • Pages   :  207-210
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  • Abstract

Waste heat boiler power plants are widely used throughout the world for recovering waste heat from sources like exhausts gases of gas turbines, heat generated during some process in a plant or heat absorbed by cooling fluid from high temperature equipment etc. The duct which is the object of study was a part of waste heat boiler of a working power plant. Cracks, pits and overheating of duct casing was observed after some time of service of this duct. The theoretical studies as well as simulation with the help of available CFD software have been carried out in this work for finding the root cause and its solution. Commercially available computational fluid dynamics (CFD) software ANSYS-FLUENT15.0 is used for numerical simulation of duct. Results of simulation revealed that duct design was creating swirl inside the duct and flow of gases was unevenly distributed inside it. Un even distribution of flow of hot gases was the main reason of uneven distribution of heat which caused overheating and failure of duct. The solution is to get maximum and even flow distribution of hot gases inside the duct .Duct model was modified by modeling guide plate sin side its two inlets i.e. GT(gas turbine) inlet and RA (regenerative air) inlet in different numbers, configurations and angles to get distributed flow of hot gases inside the duct.

Keywords: Waste heat boiler (WHB), Gas turbine (GT), Steam turbine (ST), Computational fluid dynamics (CFD), Swirl, Flow distribution

Article published in International Journal of Thermal Technologies, Vol.7, No.4 (Dec-2017)