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Optical Character Recognition Based Auto Navigation of Robot

Author : A. Vinutha M H , B. Sweatha K N and C. Sreepriya Kurup

Pages : 1242-1246
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Navigation of robot using signboard. The signboard is placed in the environment as landmark to decide the robot’s next path. The signboard is designed such that the robot can perform key functions: the signboard detection, identification. Autonomous navigation of mobile robots in wide area as well as cooperative operations requires many signboards with unique identification pattern. Color signboard allows the robot to recognize the sign board when the signboard is visible entirely in the field of view. In OCR (Optical Character Recognition) text detection and recognition system, combined with several other ingredients, allows robot to recognize named locations specified by a user. This paper will give the system for the auto navigation of robot without maps. OCR is equipped with character recognition software (called OCR software) that converts the bitmap images of characters to equivalent ASCII codes. That is scanner first creates the bitmap image of the document and then the OCR software translates the array of grid points into ASCII text that the computer can interpret as letters, numbers, and special characters.

Keywords: Optical character recognition, text detection, text recognition.

Article published in International Journal of Current  Engineering  and Technology, Vol.3,No.4(Oct- 2013)



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