Article Published In Vol.4,No.3 (Sept-2014)

  • Zinc-Blend Cadmium Selenium Colloidal Nanoparticales preparation by Chemical Reaction
  • Author  :  Mohammed T.Hussein, Thekra K. Abd Al Raheem , Omar A. Ebrahim , Bushra A.Hassan and Hasan B.Jasim
  • Pages   :  240-245
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  • Abstract

II-VI Zinc-blend cadmium selenium CdSe nanoparticles were prepared as a collided by chemical reaction of sodium selenosulfide (Na2SeSO3) and cadmium chloride CdCl2 at various concentration of Selenium Se precursor. UV-Visible , X-Ray Diffraction , AFM as well as D.C conductivity are used for characterization studies of the CdSe QDs. The X-R diffraction pattern shows Zinc-blend phase of CdSe QDs. The absorption spectra show a blue shift with decreasing QDs size which is attributed to quantum confinement effect. The results indicate the increasing of Cd and Se molar ratio effect the size and roughness of CdSe QDs as shown in AFM measurements . The results of the energy gap are in comparable with theoretical calculation which has been done by using Density functional theory coupled with large unit cell approximation.

Keywords: Zinc-blend of CdSe nanoparticles, colloidal by chemical reaction

Article published in International Journal of Thermal Technologies, Vol.4, No.3 (Sept-2014)