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Treatment of Water and Wastewater by using Roughing Filter Technology of Local Materials

Author : Jabbar H. Al-Baidhani and Zaid H. AL- Khafajy

Pages : 2192-2198
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This study investigated the ability of up-flow roughing filter to pre-treatment of water and wastewater by using local filters media such as gravel and plastic waste. The pilot plant consists of two steel filters columns with 30 cm diameter and 150 cm length attached with two piezometer for head loss reading. Each column contains filter media divided into three layers: the bottom layer of (50 cm) depth, it was graded from (9.52 to 19 mm), the middle layer of (30 cm) depth, it was graded from (4.75 to 9.52 mm) and the top layer of (20 cm) depth, it was graded from (2.36 to 4.75 mm). The gravel media was installed in URFL.1, the plastic media was installed in URFL.2. The two filters was studied with three filtration rates of 1, 0.75 and 0.5 m/h. The water results investigated that the turbidity and TSS removal efficiencies of UFRL.1 and URFL.2 have been ranged from [(68 – 93 %) & (73 – 94%)] and [(71 – 94 %) & (75 – 96)] respectively. The plastic filter at filtration rate of 0.5 m/h could reduce the turbidities below 234 NTU to values less than of 20 NTU and These values are acceptable to slow sand filter operation. The plastic media was installed in URFL.3 for domestic wastewater filtration. The BOD5 and TSS removal efficiencies at filtration rate of 0.5 m/h have been ranged from [(31 – 44 %) & (86 – 96%)] respectively.

Keywords: Enhance water quality, Roughing filter, local materials

Article published in International Journal of Current Engineering and Technology, Vol.6, No.6 (Dec-2016)

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