Article Published In Vol.5,No.4 (Dec-2015)

  • Study of Thermo–Polarizability of Ions in Lithium Rich LiNbO3 by the Point Dipole Approximation
  • Author  :  Manoher Pasunooti Sathyanarayan Reddy Bavikadi and Ravindharan Ethiraj
  • Pages   :  306-310
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  • Abstract

We have used the Point Dipole Approximation and Sellmeier equations to evaluate the variations of ordinary
refractive index (no), extraordinary refractive index (ne) and the birefringence (dn) in Lithium rich LiNbO3 with
temperature. These values are used to find the possible set of electronic polarizablities (EP) of Li+, Nb5+ and O2- ions at different temperatures from 298K to 772K for the wave lengths λ = 0.4545 μm, 0.6328 μm and 1.0642 μm. The EP of Li+ ion was assumed to be isotropic and temperature independent, the value of which is 24 3 0.032 10 cm Li     . It is observed that as the temperature increases, for a given wavelength, the polarizability of Nb5+ ion decreases and that of O2- ion increase. For a given temperature, with increase of wavelength the polarizabilities of both Nb5+ and O2- decrease.

Keywords: Thermo–Polarizability, Birefrengence, Point Dipole Approximation

Article published in International Journal of Thermal Technologies, Vol.5,No.4 (Dec-2015)