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Article Published In Vol.4,No.3 (Sept-2014)

  • Study of Air Starvation in Cellar at Wire Rod Mill
  • Author  :  Ishant Jain and Sushant Kumar
  • Pages   :  223-226
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  • Abstract

The mechanical properties of certain grades of wire at Wire Rod Mill (East) (WRM-E) were not matching within the desired limit even when the blowers inside the cellar ran on full load conditions. During preliminary study it was found that there was insufficient cooling of the wire rod. This led us to investigate air starvation within the cellar. A nonlinear mathematical correlation was developed based on Bernoulli’s equation and the characteristic curve, i.e. Discharge vs the inlet area, for individual blower. It was observed that the air present inside the cellar was not sufficient to provide required outlet flow rate. It was concluded that the inlet area of cellar was not sufficient to fulfil necessary requirement of each blowers.

Keywords: Wire rod coils, blowers, cellar, forced air cooling, stelmor system

Article published in International Journal of Thermal Technologies, Vol.4, No.3 (Sept-2014)