Article Published In Vol.5,No.4 (Dec-2015)

  • Solar Still Coupled with Evacuated Tube Collector with and without Porous Absorber: An Experimental Study
  • Author  :  Munish Gupta, Jasbir Singh and Puneet Katyal
  • Pages   :  324-330
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  • Abstract

World population is increasing day by day at a very fast rate. There is a huge need of fresh water for mankind. There are many regions all around the world where people are forced to consume polluted water due to non-availability of fresh water. So there is a need to develop effective and cheap techniques to get pure water. In this research article, the performance of a active solar still (i.e. coupled with evacuated tube) is investigated. A single slope solar still (conventional still) integrated with evacuated tube collector was fabricated with a basin area of 0.49 m2. The increase in temperature of the brackish water was more with the active solar still compared to the traditional solar still. This is due to the supplementary thermal energy added by ETC. The study was performed by varying the water depth (0.01m, 0.02m and 0.03m) in the still basin. The use of floating porous absorber in the basin of solar still was also studied. Results showed that the distillation yield increased by 19.48% with the decrease in water depth to 0.01m from 0.03m.The distillation yield further increased by 24% with porous material compared to water depth 0.03m.

Keywords: Solar desalination unit, solar still, floating porous absorber, evacuated tube collector.