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Recent Developments in Solar Refrigeration Technology – A Review

Author : Yogesh Musale, Satyawant Patil, Bhakti Chougule, Amruta Kulkarni and Ashish S. Utage

Pages : 95-98;
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The major problem in the country at present is the lack of electrification to provide refrigeration. Another option is erratic power also results in significant operating costs due to use of fossil fuels such as diesel. The thermal fossil fuel driven refrigeration system has a general efficiency of about 35% on average and leads to large volumes of greenhouse gas emissions. This review is related to advances in solar refrigeration in which Li-Br and H2O is best suitable pair for the absorption refrigeration process. Also refrigerant (H2O) has zero ozone depletion potential and very low global warming potential. Thus the refrigerator is eco-friendly. There are no moving parts involved in the system. In India average insolation is 5.5 kW / m2 / day over nearly 60% of the landscape which is most abundant, non-polluting source for the operation of such facilities. Hence this review emphasizing on employing renewable energy sources like solar energy in refrigeration system.

Keywords: Solar energy, Absorption refrigeration


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