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Presentation of TPEASM Threat Detection Model for Security Threat Modeling

Author : Mehdi Ahmadi and Nasser Modiri

Pages : 538-544
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Providing security in all conditions of life has always been of great importance. In today’s world where nearly most of our activities are dependent on computers and computer-based technologies, detecting vulnerabilities on time and preventing cyber threats whereby organizational valuable assets are endangered have a high priority? In the present paper, first threat modeling significance in the fields of IT and ICT is investigated, and then the importance of managing security threats is presented, focusing very much on the exact detection of security holes and the necessity of applying a suitable threat detection model. Next, threat modeling place in the computer field and industrial machines is studied, and a new threat detection model is suggested afterwards. This new threat detection model named TPEASM in the paper allows us to prevent security threat occurrences by means of classifying intrusion methods.

Keywords: Vulnerability; threat; risk; threat modeling

Article published in International Journal of Current Engineering and Technology, Vol.7, No.2 (April-2017)

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