Article Published In Vol.6,No.4 (Dec-2016)

  • Prediction of Life Cycle of Induction Furnace Wall for Silica Ramming Mass
  • Author  :  Nirajkumar Mehta and Dipesh Shukla
  • Pages   :  364-372
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  • Abstract

Furnaces are most commonly used for melting of materials. Induction furnaces are more beneficial as no fuel is required. It is a problem to find life span of Induction Melting Furnace Wall under load variation. The induction melting furnace wall is made of silica ramming mass which is one kind of refractory material. The failure occurs due to cyclic thermal stresses due to heating and cooling cycles. Temperature distribution and thermal stress distribution fields of the induction melting furnace refractory wall were calculated by using explicit finite difference analysis based on the physical description of its failure under low cycle thermal fatigue conditions. The life span of the refractory wall is required to be found out by means of critical thermal stresses created inside the refractory wall of induction melting furnace wall from modified S – log N Curve.

Keywords: Life cycle prediction, Induction furnace, explicit finite difference analysis, refractory, silica ramming mass

Article published in International Journal of Current Engineering and Technology, Vol.6, No.4 (Dec-2016)