Article Published In Vol.7,No.3 (Sept-2017)

  • Performance Improvement of Window Air Conditioner by using Bottle Neck Arrangement
  • Author  :  U Satish Naidu, R Sam Sukumar and M Venakata Rao†
  • Pages   :  155-160
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  • Abstract

In present scenario human comfort is the main criteria. For that purpose many Air conditioners are introduced in the market like window AC, split AC and central AC. Not only for human purpose it is become an essential need for Industrial purpose for both small scale and large scale industries. For common household purposes maximum we use Window AC. But during actual use it is not possible to evaluate the performance of an AC with all the parameters like coefficient of performance and cooling effect. Since these are the main parameters for an air conditioner. Without these calculations it is also not possible to know the factors that affecting on the performance of an air conditioner. So in this thesis main concentration is on investigation on performance parameters of air conditioner, for this purpose window AC test rig is prepared. By using this test rig easy to find out the Actual COP. By adding Bottle Neck Arrangement, in order to improve the performance of air conditioner without any extra amount by using of this simple arrangement, with this theses we save the power improve the cooling effect of wind air conditioner especially in summer user can feel more comfort with this type of air conditioner.

Keywords: Air Conditioner, COP, Performance Improvement, Bottle Neck set up.

Article published in International Journal of Thermal Technologies, Vol.7, No.3 (Sept-2017)