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Performance Evaluation of C.I. Engine using Castor Oil: A Review

Author : Akram Attar, Pushpak Bakoriya, Abhijeet Gadakh and Nikita Jadhav

Pages : 5-7
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The demand of the petroleum products are increasing day by day. So we need to look for alternative options to bridge this gap of increased consumption of fuel. The attempt is being made to reduce the consumption of Non-Renewable fuel by adding some vegetable oils in them. We can use edible and non-edible vegetable oil as a raw material for biodiesel. This can be achieved by transestersification reaction of vegetable oils with alcohol such as methanol and ethanol. The bio-diesel is blended with diesel as an alternative option. This paper focuses on comparison of engine performance by using various blends of fuel (B10, B20, B30, etc.). So various parameter of performances are studied keeping in mind reduction in consumption and environmental safety by controlling the exhaust emissions.

Keywords: Biodiesel, Blends, Castor oil, Performance, Emissions, Transestersification.

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