Article Published In Vol.3, No.4(Dec-2013)

  • Parametric Analysis of Surface Condenser for Thermal Power Plant
  • Author  :  Vikram Haldkar, Abhay Kumar Sharma, R.K.Ranjan and V.K.Bajpai
  • Pages   :  155-159
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  • Abstract

The thermal power plants are used to generate power. The thermal power plants are designed based on required conditions (like a good quality of steam, pressure and temperature of steam etc.), but actually inlet conditions are not as per the designed conditions. In practical situations, when power plants are installed there are lots of constraints. This tends to reduce or increase output power and heat rate of thermal power plants. Due to these conditions, the designed power and heat rate are never achieved. Variations in the power outputs from plant are always a matter of disputes. So the parameters for power and heat rate are generated for different conditions of condenser pressure, flow rate of water through the condenser, Temperature difference. On the basis of site measurement and design data collection performance of the Condenser unit can be evaluated. These evaluations indicate that if operating conditions vary, then power output and heat rate also vary. This paper deals with the factors or parameters which reduced the efficiency of the condenser and power plant.

Keyword: Flow rate, condenser, Power Output, Performance analysis, vacuum, energy efficiency

Article published in International Journal of Thermal Technologies, Vol.3, No.4 (Dec- 2013)