Article Published In Vol.3, No.3(Sept-2013)

  • Optimization of Performance Parameters of a Diesel Engine fuelled with Biofuels
  • Author  :  K.Prasada Rao , R.Uma Maheswara Rao, S.Ravi Babu and Dr.V.Rambabu
  • Pages   :  85-91
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  • Abstract

This paper aims to study the optimization of performance parameters to improve diesel engine efficiency . An attempt has been made to solve the correlated multiple criteria optimization problem of performance parameters of diesel engine. The process environment has been assumed consisting of four variables load, time taken for 10cc fuel consumption, type of fuel, valve opening position. Taguchi method has been adopted to convert multiple objectives of the optimization problem into a single objective function. Taguchi’s technique has been applied to determine the optimal setting, which can maximize The output parameters B.P , Break thermal Efficiency,co2%,and can minimize F.C.H,B.S.F.C, CO%,HC,O2%.The result of this optimization technique has been imported to that of grey – Taguchi technique, another approach which is widely used for solving multi criteria optimization problems. A confirmatory test showed satisfactory result by Artificial neural network in MATLAB.

Keywords: Biodiesels, optimization, Taguchi method, Artificial neural network.

Article published in International Journal of Thermal Technologies, Vol.3, No.3 (Sept- 2013)