Article Published In Vol.3,No.2(June-2013)

  • Numerical Simulation of Convective Drying of Mangoes (mangifera Indica L.) Under Variable Thermal Conditions
  • Author  :  Guy Takamte , Marcel Edoun, Louis Monkam, Alexis Kuitche and Richard Kamga
  • Pages   :  48-52
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  • Abstract

This work is interested in the modeling and numerical simulation of some drying rate during the drying process of mangoes under variable thermal conditions. The work was carried out based on a thermally thin layer of products in a parallel air flow type dryer. The numerical solution of heat and mass transfers’ equations using a time-dependent air temperature was used to obtain a model that predicts the précised drying kinetics of mangoes under variable external conditions. The simulation of mangoes dried through temperature steps of (60°-50°-40°C) considerably modified the drying rate compared to drying at 60°C. The quality of dried products was improved as the energy efficiency of the drier.

Key words: Modeling, kinetics, drying, variable thermal conditions

Article published in International Journal of Thermal Technologies, Vol.3, No.2 (June- 2013)