Article Published In Vol.4,No.4 (Dec-2014)

  • Numerical Heat Transfer Study of Turbulent Square Duct Flow through W-Type Turbulators
  • Author  :  Sagar S. Desai, Rupesh J. Yadav and Omkar R. Chavan
  • Pages   :  320-324
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  • Abstract

Several cooling technique have been developed to enhance heat transfer in square duct. Different rib arrays inside square channel are widely used to enhance heat transfer rate. The reason that ribs increase the fluid flow turbulence near the wall, disrupt the boundary layer and also increase the heat transfer area. In this paper, numerical analysis is carried out three different angles of turbulators were placed in square duct. All turbulators located on bottom side wall of duct. The numerical simulation are carried on square duct having hydraulic diameter (Dh) of 0.05m. Air is working fluid with the flow rate in terms of Reynolds number ranging from 15,000 to 20,000. Details for rib height (e), pitch distance between turbulators (P) and turbulators angle are similar to experimental reference. The model is creating using Ansys ICEM software. Numerical simulations were performed using the CFD software package ANSYS 14.5 FLUENT. Turbulence closure was achieved using k-ε turbulence model, with enhance wall treatment for the simulation were used. In this, the heat transfer characteristics of square duct with internal w-shaped ribs with different angles and pitch ratio 0.3 were plotted.

Keywords: Turbulators, FLUENT, Rib, Heat transfer, square duct

Article published in International Journal of Thermal Technologies, Vol.4,No.4 (Dec-2014)