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New approaches for kinematics and dynamics of the biped robot

Author : Xh. Bajrami, A. Dermaku and N. Demaku

Pages : 1084-1088
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Analytical techniques are presented for the motion planning and control of a 10 degree-of-freedom biped walking robot. From the Denavit-Hartenberg method and Newton-Euler equations, joint torques are obtained in terms of joint trajectories and the inverse dynamics are developed for both the single-support and double-support cases. Physical admissibility of the biped trajectory is characterized in terms of the equivalent force-moment and zero-moment point. This methodology has been used to obtain stability of walking biped robot Archie developed in IHRT. A simulation example illustrates the application of the techniques to plan the forward-walking trajectory of the biped robot.

Keywords: Kinematics, dynamics, biped robot, archie.

Article published in International Journal of Current  Engineering  and Technology, Vol.3,No.3(Aug- 2013)




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