Article Published In Vol1 ,No.1 (Dec-2011)

  • Application of Casting Simulation for Sand Casting of a Crusher Plate
  • Author  :  P. Prabhakara Rao , G.Chakraverthi, A.C.S. Kumar, B. Balakrishna
  • Pages   :  107-113
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  • Abstract

Sand casting technologies have now emerged as practical and commercial ways of manufacturing high integrity near net shape castings. A variety of castings have found their way into general engineering applications, primarily in the areas of cement industries for crushing components and load bearing structures. Castings that serve these specific applications have to achieve the quality requirements of superior mechanical properties and zero-porosity. To achieve these objectives within a limited time frame in a product development process, CAD technologies combined with process simulation tools are increasingly used to optimize form filling and solidification of the cast parts. This paper discusses a newly developed simulation tool and its application to a crusher component that was prototyped via sand casting route. Results of casting trials showed a high level of confidence in the simulation tools.


Keywords: Numerical simulation, steel castings, mould filling, and solidification of CO2 sand castings.


Article published in International Journal of Thermal Technologies, Vol.1, No.1 (Dec.2011)