Article Published In Vol.7,No.1 (March-2017)

  • Methodology Design to Predict the Solidification Process of Pure Water inside Cylindrical Enclosure
  • Author  :  Adil A. Alwan and Rafel H. Hameed
  • Pages   :  6-13
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  • Abstract

A computational methodology was simulated to determine the spatial and temporal temperature profile within each phase and phase change location by assuming the heat transfer in both phases is by pure conduction in order to demonstrate the mechanism of solidification process inside close cylindrical enclosure. ADI algorithm was used to promote the mathematical model for solidification depending upon assumption of the position of heat flux from the down, and the diameter value of cylindrical enclosure. This method gave a good solution and damping the oscillation errors with along computing time.

Keywords: Solidification, phase change mechanism, ADI

Article published in International Journal of Current Engineering and Technology, Vol.7, No.1 (March-2017)