Article Published In Vol.8,No.2 (June-2018)

  • Investigation on Performance and Emission Characteristics of Low Heat Rejection Diesel Engine using Alternate Fuels
  • Author  :  B.Anil Kumar and K.Vijaya Kumar Reddy
  • Pages   :  103-110, DOI:
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  • Abstract

Petroleum based fuels play a vital role in rapid depletion of conventional energy sources along with increasing demand and also major contributors of air pollutants. Major contributors of today’s energy demand in India is being met with fossil fuels hence it is high time that alternative fuels for engines should be derived from indigenous sources .The enormous growth of world population, increased technical development and standard of living in industrial nations has led to this intricate situation in the field of energy, supply and demand. As India is agricultural country there is wide scope for the production of vegetable oils (both edible & non edible oils) from different oil seeds. The present work is focused only on non-edible oils as fuels for engines, as the edible oils are in great demand and far too expensive. All neat oils are to be collected and converted into their respective methyl esters through transesterification process. Thermal barrier coatings are becoming increasingly important in providing thermal insulation for heat engine components. Thermal insulation reduces in-cylinder heat transfer from the engine combustion chamber as well as reducing component structural temperatures. Likewise, Bio-diesel too has a potential as a promising alternative fuel to their diesel counterparts while being renewable, sustainable, and environmental friendly. In this work, the comparative effect of performance and emission characteristics of a standard compression ignition engine (STD) with Magnesium stabilized Zirconia (MSZ) coated (LHR) engines are investigated. Fuel-related properties have to be calculated and analyzed with those of conventional diesel engine. The effect of use of bio-diesel fuel on engine power, fuel consumption and thermal efficiency has to be calculated and analysed with that of conventional diesel engine.

Keywords: Magnesium Stabilized Zirconia (MSZ), Bio-Diesel, Animal Tallow Methyl Ester, Low Heat Rejection Engines.