Article Published In Vol.3, No.3(Sept-2013)

  • Force Convection of Laminar Liquid Flow inside Pipe Exerted to Non-Uniform Heat Flux
  • Author  :  Ressan Faris Al-Maliky
  • Pages   :  113-119
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  • Abstract

In this study, the six cases of non-uniform heat flux are supplied on a circular pipe flow the liquid has Prandtl number is 13,400. The continuity, momentum, and energy equations were solved numerically by using finite volume technique are conducted with the commercial software FLUENT version (6.3) package program. The numerical liquid flow and force convection heat transfer inside pipe was performed with Reynolds number varying from (1 – 9) (in the steps of 2) plotted with value of Nusselt number. The results of temperature were compared with other previously published research that presented support the validity of results. Results have shown increase values of average Nusselt number with increasing of Reynold number at known Prandtl number, also maximum velocity in center of velocity profile increase with increasing of Reynolds number. The average Nusselt number increase with Reynolds number for each case then correlation its values.

Keywords: force convection, non-uniform heat flux, laminar flow, Nusselt number.

Article published in International Journal of Thermal Technologies, Vol.3, No.3 (Sept- 2013)