Article Published In Vol.6,No.1 (March-2016)

  • Fabrication of Single Slope Condensing Cover Coupled with Thermoelectric Refrigeration based Cooling Chamber
  • Author  :  Mayank Singh, Nikhil Singh, Ankit Fernandez, Joydeep Singh, Amandeep Lal and Prashant Sharan
  • Pages   :  1-6
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  • Abstract

Looking around the world we will find a huge need of clean water as almost all the water bodies are polluted. In this paper we have studied the fabrication of condensing cover coupled with thermoelectric refrigeration based cooling chamber made of hindalium metal (alloy of Al, Mg, Mn, Si, Cr) to enhance the output of conventional single slope solar still. Peltier module is used for producing thermoelectric refrigeration, Constant temperature bath is used as water storage tank for condensing cover which help in maintaining the constant temperature of water. As results of this experiment it has been observed that the temperature decrease of 40C is obtained at the condensing surface of the cooling chamber and temperature drop of 50C is obtained at the bottom surface of the chamber where distillate is stored.

Keywords: Single slope solar still, condensing cover, cooling chamber, peltiers, thermoelectric refrigeration, thermal insulation, distillate output

Article published in International Journal of Thermal Technologies, Vol.6,No.1 (March-2016)