Article Published In Vol.6,No.2 (June-2016)

  • Experimental study on the effect of methanol, ethanol and butanol blends on the performance and emission of SI engine
  • Author  :  Mohammed Kadhim Allawi
  • Pages   :  130-133
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  • Abstract

Engine performance and exhaust emission have been analytically analysing for pure gasoline and gasoline blend (Methanol, Ethanol and Butanol) in a wide range of working speeds (1000–3000 RPM) without any modification of the engine systems. The experimental work conducted on the SI engine, single cylinder, four strokes, variable compression and Otto cycles. The results show that fuel consumption” increased with the rise of blend gasoline content. Exhaust pollution reduced with the increase of methanol blending ratios B20% about 90%.

Keywords: Methanol, Ethanol and Butanol– gasoline blend; Alternative engine fuel

Article published in International Journal of Current Engineering and Technology, Vol.6, No.3 (June-2016)