Article Published In Vol.2,No.3(Sept-2012)

  • Experimental Studies on Heat Transfer Augmentation of Water Jet Impingement on a Horizontal Plate
  • Author  :  Brij Bhushan and Rakesh Thakur
  • Pages   :  185-189
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  • Abstract


Impinging jets have received considerable attention during the last decade. The reason is mainly due to their inherent characteristics of high rates of heat transfer besides having simple geometry. Thus most practical applications of jet impingement occur in industries where the heat transfer requirements have exceeded capacity of ordinary heating and cooling techniques. This work presents and discusses the results of an experimental investigation of heat transfer between the horizontal smooth and rough plate of impinged jets. The round jets are used. The experiment is focused on the verification of the jet effect on the distribution of local heat transfer coefficient on the impinged target surface. The effect of flow in jet to test plate distance are also examined at fixed intersect spacing (S/D).It is revealed that flow of the jet improves the radial uniformity of the heat transfer significantly. The heat transfer deteriorates in the stagnation region but gets enhanced in wall jet region.


Keywords: Water Jet, Horizontal plate, Plate heater, Nozzle


Article published in International Journal of Thermal Technologies, Vol.2, No.3 (Sept- 2012)