Article Published In Vol.6,No.3 (Sept-2016)

  • Experimental Investigation on Cylindrical Parabolic trough Collector with Water-Ethylene Glycol at Various Proportions
  • Author  :  K.Anu Kumar Naik, P.Vijay Kumar, K.Dilip kumar and V.Nageswara Rao
  • Pages   :  249-252
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  • Abstract

Energy resources which are available today are depleting day by day. Since the world requires continuous supply of energy. Non-Conventional and renewable energy sources have to be developed. Solar energy is a renewable form of energy and it is abundant in nature. There are many mechanisms to utilize solar energy. Parabolic trough collector is device to absorb energy from solar radiation. The present study deals with improving parabolic trough concentrating solar collector performance with water and ethylene glycol at various proportions as working fluids are carried out experimentally. Heat transfer fluids like water and ethylene glycol have been used in varying proportions of 70-30, 60-40, 50-50, 60-40, 70-30 to identify the composition which gives maximum Energy absorbing capacity.

Keywords: Solar parabolic trough collector, performance, water and ethylene glycol heat transfer fluids.

Article published in International Journal of Current Engineering and Technology, Vol.6, No.3 (Sept-2016)