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Experimental Investigation of Lifted Spray Flame with Preheated Coflow Condition

Author : Kapil S. Sawankar and Umesh G. Potdar

Pages : 338-343, DOi:http://Dx.Doi.Org/10.14741/Ijcet/22774106/spl.5.6.2016.64
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Liquid fuel currently provides the energy used by a variety of power systems such as industrial furnaces and boilers, as well as automotive and aerospace engines. Understanding the physical phenomena that control spray combustion processes is important because, as most of the practical combustion devices initially apply the fuel as a multi-phase flow. Applications such as industrial furnace, small capacity boilers, jet propulsion, and gas turbine combustion all utilize liquid fuels. This broad application motivates a fundamental research of the mechanisms that control spray flame behaviour. Issues such as flame structure, stabilization, and blow-off condition are important aspects of spray combustion that has to be understood for the wide variety of combustors that exist. In the present study, experimental work has been carried out for three different cases i.e. No coflow condition, normal coflow condition and preheated coflow condition. It has been observed that the flame lift-off is directly proportional to injection pressure, spray ejection velocity, mass flow rate of fuel and coflow velocity but inversely proportional to coflow temperature. Spray injectors are used to inject the fuel with mass flow rate varies from 1.8 Kg/hr to 7.4 Kg/hr.

Keywords: Droplets, Lift-off Height, Coflow, Spray Combustion.

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