Article Published In Vol.8, No.1 (March-2018)

  • Experimental Investigation of Drag Reduction with polymer of Kerosene flow in a horizontal pipe
  • Author  :  Adil Abbas Alwan and Ali Jassim Mohammad
  • Pages   :  16-20, DOI:
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  • Abstract

flow, where adding certain amount of drag reducing agent, such as polymer. From addition of that agent, it causes a dramatic frictional drag reduction. This work shows the effect of the pressure drop on a drag reduction along pipe in a horizontal placing with kerosene flow is investigated. The tested fluid was kerosene and poly isobutylene polymer (PIB) with 50 ppm (part per million), 75 ppm, and 100 ppm weight concentration of polymer: Experimental investigation gives more description of this phenomenon. The experimental results illustrate that pressure drop and pressure gradient decreases with increasing of polymer concentration and volume flow rate. The friction factor decreases with increasing of additive concentration and velocity. The drag reduction percentage increases with increasing the mean velocity, polymer concentration and temperature. The experimental results show that maximum drag reduction (DR %) about 19%.

Keywords: Kerosene flows, polymer, pressure drop, drag reduction

Article published in International Journal of Thermal Technologies, Vol.8, No.1 (March-2018)