Article Published In Vol.6,No.4 (Dec-2016)

  • Experimental and simulation study to determine the effect octane number on performance in SI engine
  • Author  :  Mohammed Kadhim Allawi and Riyadh Salman Radhi
  • Pages   :  350-354
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  • Abstract

Experimental and Simulation investigations are carried out to study and compare the effect of using four cylinder, four-stroke spark ignition (SI) engine fuelled by four grades of gasoline used in Iraq, RON75, RON80, RON85 and RON92on the performance of SI engine at different engine speeds and loads”. “Simulation combustion model Lotus Engine Simulation (LES) can predict the engine performance when compared with the experimental findings”. “(LES) The program was used to study the effect of some parameters in experimental testing, this program gives the best performance of the engine at maximum brake power, and the same input data were fed to the program where they were taken from the data of experimental results”. “Results show that the engine performances for both fuels are compatible, with marginal differences, under the tested operating conditions”. Higher power and less specific fuel consumption are observed when fuels of octane number 92 are used compared with octane 75 blends. ”

Keywords: Gasoline, octane number, antiknock additive

Article published in International Journal of Current Engineering and Technology, Vol.6, No.4 (Dec-2016)