Article Published In Vol.8, No.1 (March-2018)

  • Examination of Thermal Performance for Solar Air Heater with Modified Absorber
  • Author  :  Rakesh Kushwaha, Ambreesh Prasad Shukla, Bhupendra Gupta and Anand Bisen
  • Pages   :  11-15, DOI:
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  • Abstract

Everyday sun delivers enormous amount of energy towards earth. Solar energy received by earth in a day is equal to total energy consumed by us in whole year. Plenty of research has been done in utilizing solar energy efficiently. Solar air heater is always a hot topic between the researchers. Different configurations of absorber plate with roughness has been prepared and tested to increase efficiency. In this article, a Computational Fluid Dynamic analysis of solar air heater having triangular shaped bodies place over the absorber plate had been performed. Enhancement in the performance of solar air heater is resulted.

Keywords: Solar Energy, Solar Air Heater, Performance, Efficiency

Article published in International Journal of Thermal Technologies, Vol.8, No.1 (March-2018)