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Article Published In Vol.4,No.4 (Dec-2014)

  • Energy Depleting Resources Burgeoning Demands and Survival Expediencies
  • Author  :  Prantosh Das Gupta
  • Pages   :  300-306
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  • Abstract

The fast growth in the consumptions of Energy have been generating threats by the shrinking of Resources whereas Energy happens to be the Key of Modern Civilization, and Major Input for all Economic Growths, Life & Living. On the face of declining Non-Renewable Resources i.e. Coal, Oil & Gas & Mounting Pollutions, Renewable Energy i.e. Wind, Sun, Geothermal, Sea Waves, and Hydel which are inexhaustible, in the sense that if these are not available, the very life may disappear, has been gaining importance. The Efficacies of Renewable Energy will depend largely upon Efficiencies of Conversion, Storage & Feeding the Loads, apart from the Costs & Reliabilities of Installations. The problems of Storage is closely related to Conversion Technologies eg Fuel cells, Electrolysis Cells, Batteries, Solar Cells, Polymer Fuel Cells, Thermoelectric components et al. With higher & higher Capacity Storage & Conversion Systems being available, Large Capacity Solar Plants mainly near Desert Areas with Solar Grids should get recognition, with simultaneously Standalone Systems for Residences, Offices, Workshops & Independent Networks for Arid/ Sunny areas. Added with Hydrogen Fuel, most of the Energy Demands, with commensurate R & D Programs, will be met with these two inexhaustible Resources

Keywords: Depleting Resources, Demands, Renewable &Non-Renewable Energy Conservation. Strategies

Article published in International Journal of Thermal Technologies, Vol.4,No.4 (Dec-2014)