Article Published In Vol.2,No.4(Dec-2012)

  • Effect of Nozzle Angle and Silt Parameters on Erosion and Performance of Turgo Impulse Turbine
  • Author  :  Sourabh Khurana, Varun and Anoop Kumar
  • Pages   :  204-208
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  • Abstract


In the present study, an experimental work has been carried out to study the effect of nozzle angle, silt parameters and operating parameters on erosive wear as well as on performance of Turgo impulse turbine in actual flow conditions. Silt particles passing through hydro turbine components cause erosion to the surface come in contact. Silt size, concentration, velocity of flow, properties of materials and operating hours of turbine play a vital role in the damage of hydro turbine components. After investigation it has been found that nozzle angle, silt parameters and operating parameters affects the performance of Turgo turbine as well as increases wear rate.

Keywords: Nozzle angle, Erosive wear, Efficiency loss, Turgo Turbine, jet velocity.


Article published in International Journal of Thermal Technologies, Vol.2, No.4 (Dec- 2012)