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Dynamic Analysis of Forklift during Load Lifting using Modeling and Simulations

Author : Ilir Doçi and Vegim Imeri

Pages : 342-347
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Studying dynamic occurences on forklift during lifting of loads proves to be difficult using physical experimentation and current measurement devices. Creating the forklift’s multibody model and applying computer simulations is very usefull method to study these occurences, which helps to explain the reasons of heavy oscillations, failures and accidents of forklifts, and gives conclusions that can be useful for design considerations and safety. The aim is to see how dynamic forces, moments, speed and oscillations effects the forklift’s construction and its stability during load lifting. To do this work we designed entire “virtual forklift” using model design and simulation applications (Fig.2) [3] and performed simulations in order to gain results. Main parameters that are influential on the dynamic behavior of forklift will be analyzed and will be searched for conclusions that can be useful for better understanding dynamics of forklift. This paper identifies a set of parameters that have influence in main forklift parts, and gives results with graphs and tables with values that are dynamic in nature, with high amplitudes and frequencies that effects directly in causes of material fatigue or failure.

Keywords: Forklift, modeling, simulation, load lifting, dynamic analysis, oscillations, FEM


Article published in International Journal of Current  Engineering  and Technology, Vol.3,No.2 (June- 2013)





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