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Detection of Current consumption using Motor Current Signature Analysis

Author : P. Venkata Vara Prasad, V.Ranjith Kumar, V.Naresh Babu and S. Naga Kishore

Pages : 1292-1297
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In order to achieve reliable and cost effective diagnosis, Motor current signature analysis (MCSA) is used to investigate the use of an induction motor as a transducer to indicate the faults in multistage gearbox via analyzing supply parameters such as phase current and instantaneous power. Gears are important elements in a variety of industrial applications such as machine tools and gearboxes. An unexpected failure in gear may cause significant economic losses. The vibration signal analysis can be carried out the signature of the fault in the gears and used to determine early fault detection of the gearbox by using different signal processing techniques. In this paper, vibration analysis techniques are used for condition monitoring in gear fault. This analysis can be used for measuring the characteristics for a perfectly working gearbox and used the data as a standard for measuring faults and defects in other gearboxes. The objective of this paper is to design and fabrication of a gearbox for motor current analysis system at different gear operations on different load conditions. Current signatures are tested for during different gear operations. Also the minimum power required to run different gears are determined by using different loads. The motor current analysis system can be used further to specify mainly faults in the gear, misalignment of meshed gears, loss of contact of the gears and bearing wear.

Keywords: MCSA, gear box, load, bearing, speed.

Article published in International Journal of Current Engineering and Technology, Vol.5, No.2 (April-2015)


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